Building a Sustainable Life as an Artist (Two-Part Session)

  • Why artists are poor and why they shouldn’t be
  • Tools artists have used to make things easier
  • How to build a life that is balanced, productive, and sustainable

Artists are some of the most talented, hard-working people around. So why are so many of us exhausted, overwhelmed, and broke? Based on a decade of work locally and nationally, Andrew Simonet will share tools for feeding an artistic practice, building community, and slaying the two demons of the artistic life: time and money.
Andrew Simonet, Artists U Founder and Director, Philadelphia, PA

FREE E-book: Making Your Life as an Artist

Building Audiences: Nine Effective Practices

This session will review findings from research sponsored by The Wallace Foundation identifying effective practices in building arts audiences. The research draws on the multi-year efforts of 10 arts organizations that have attracted growing numbers of diverse audience segments. We’ll examine common challenges and how they got over them, including how they used market research and other methods and tactics to build enduring audience relationships.
Bob Harlow, PHD, Marketing and Research Consultant, NYC

Dynamic Community Engagement

The process of engaging audiences is multifaceted and includes solid marketing skills framed with a clear understanding of diversity in its various definitions. The changing demographics of our country and immigration and migration of world cultures requires that arts organizations develop and implement sophisticated modalities to welcome these new audiences in a sustainable fashion, thereby enhancing the cultural landscape of their community. In this session, we will discuss tactics and case studies designed to engage and sustain new communities. Innovative opportunities are right in front of us, and now is the time to forge ahead, changing our multicultural lens with its limitless possibilities. Session will include:

  • Overview of national and international perspective and successful case studies
  • Strategies for implementation to include: marketing, press, social media, and the 10 Tools for Engaging Diverse Audiences
  • Q&A

Donna Walker-Kuhne, Vice President, Community Engagement, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ; Founder, Walker International Communications Group

Workshop Materials:
Marketing Tools and Strategies – Supplementary Reading
Social Media - Multicultural
Book: Invitation to the Party: Building Bridges to the Arts, Culture and Community

Partnering for Impact

Research conducted as part of the DDOA strategic plan indicated that Delaware arts organizations are concerned about increasing community participation and engagement while managing their organizations well, and identified developing partnerships and collaborations as a priority. Effective partnerships can help you to make greater use of your organization’s limited time and resources, while also increasing the impact of your work in the community. This interactive session will introduce you to best practices in partnership development and resources that are unique to Delaware. You will then work with your colleagues to envision a new partnership or improve upon those you already have developed.
Maren Brown, MBA, Arts Management Consultant, Maren Brown Associates, Florence, MA
Mary Margaret Schoenfeld, Arts Management Consultant, Alexandria, VA

Redefining Aging in America through Arts Education: The Emerging Field of “Creative Aging”

By 2030 the number of people over 65 in Delaware will represent nearly 25% of the population (Delaware Population Consortium, 10/2014). Americans are living longer, healthier, more active lives, and “positive aging” initiatives are multiplying. As ideas about “old age” are shifting, arts, cultural and social service organizations, government agencies and funders are reassessing traditional approaches to “senior programming.” This session will explore the field of “creative aging” and its promotion of arts education programming as a proven approach to enhancing the quality of life for older adults as well as an important contributor to positive aging efforts.
Maura O’Malley, CEO and Co-founder, Lifetime Arts, Inc., New Rochelle, NY
Ed Friedman, Executive Director and Co-founder, Lifetime Arts, Inc., New Rochelle, NY 

Workshop Materials:
Lifetime Arts - Delaware Arts Summit 2015

Social Media 101

This is an introduction to Social Media. Participants will walk away with the basics needed to understand the various social networks available to arts marketers. Topics will include:

  • How to get started on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other popular networks
  • Why social media is a powerful tool for any business or personal brand
  • How to create a social media strategy
  • Why social media strategy should align with revenue goals or a marketing plan
  • How to avoid social media pitfalls

Time will be set aside for Q & A.
Nella Vera, Group Director, Serino/Coyne, NYC

Social Media 201

Assuming participants have a basic knowledge of social media principles, this session will introduce them to some of the more advanced functions of the largest and most widely used social network, Facebook, and provide an introduction to some of the newer platforms, such as Meerkat and Periscope. Session will also cover:

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Reaching your audience
  • Goal setting and measuring impact
  • Principles of storytelling and tips for creating terrific content
  • Creating community

Time will be set aside to for Q & A.
Nella Vera, Group Director, Serino/Coyne, NYC